Artificial Intelligence that enables growers to make better, real-time business decisions. 

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Novel methods that use AI for routing of scouts and pilots.

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Scouting value through remote sensing, pathogen detection, human centric routing of drones and scouts. 

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Timely and effective scouting is essential to any operation.  Agtrinsic is a variation of the word Intrinsic, which means belonging naturally or essential.  Agtrinsic was designed to be a natural and essential part of the agricultural scouting process.


Agtrinsic is about focusing on what matters most when it comes to managing your operation by providing:

AI based routing

Novel methods that use AI for routing of scouts.  Immediate scouting reports and detailed imaging reports in hours, not days!

Disease Pressure

Scientifically Defensible Artificial Intelligence that monitors pathogen and disease  pressure in your operation.

Data that matters

Multiple data layers, Including our in field insturmentation to feed our disease AI.  A combination of technology designed to make yield saving decisions faster and more accurate!

Emergence Modeling

Highly accurate emergence modeling.  Gets Scouts and Pilots to the field at critical times!

Defendible Scouting

Structured scouting inputs that are meaningful and exact.  Information is immediatly communicated so you can quickly determine the mode of action!

Drone Routing

AI based Pilot routing.  Gives you the ability to quickly scale your droning acres and turn droning data such as emergence maps within hours of the flight.

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% accuracy of soybean emergence within two days


% accuracy in model for disease supportive hour detection!


% faster data turn than traditional droning and aerial methods.


% faster notification than many of the leading Scouting methods.


Agtrinsic was designed with the Grower in mind.  The app is very intuitive but under the hood it is packed with powerful analytics and machine learning that is designed to help you improve your yield. From improving Scout and Drone routing, response times, and monitoring disease pressure, we are Harvesting Analytics that have the potential to help improve your yield!

Make Artificial Intelligence Part of Your Disease Management Strategy Today!